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Protect and store your cylinders in safety with our tamper-proof Cylinder Storage Cabinet. Steel cabinets are painted safety yellow for high visibility. Each cabinet is stenciled to indicate flammable storage. The steel cabinets are constructed of 13 gauge expanded metal sides with a solid 12 gauge steel top. Our MECO OMAHA designed padlock latch assembly allows you to easily secure your cylinders. The Cylinder Storage Cabinets feature foot plates punched for securing the unit to the floor. Cabinets conform to OSHA Subpart 1910.110 requirements and NFPA 58-79 standards. The all-steel cabinets ship either set up or knocked down.

Model # Max. Storage Type Description Dimensions Weight Price
M-CSC4H 4 Horizontal Set-Up 37"H x 32 1/2"W x 39"D 164 lbs. $600.00
M-CSC8H 8 Horizontal Set-Up 70"H x 32 1/2"W x 39"D 270 lbs. $880.00
M-CSC12H 12 Horizontal Set-Up 70"H x 49"W x 39"D 362 lbs. $1,050.00
M-CSC16H 16 Horizontal Set-Up 70"H x 65"W x 39"D 532 lbs. $1,500.00
M-CSC1V 5-10 Vertical Set-Up 70"H x 32 1/2"W x 39"D 215 lbs. $840.00
M-CSC2V 10-20 Vertical Set-Up 70"H x 65"W x 39"D 449 lbs. $1,395.00
M-CSC4H-KD 4 Horizontal Knock-Down 37"H x 32 1/2"W x 39"D 181 lbs. $500.00
M-CSC8H-KD 8 Horizontal Knock-Down 70"H x 32 1/2"W x 39"D 295 lbs. $760.00
M-CSC12H-KD 12 Horizontal Knock-Dwon 70"H x 49"W x 39"D 387 lbs. $935.00
M-CSC16H-KD 16 Horizontal Knock-Down 70"H x 65"W x 39"D 532 lbs. $1,590.00
M-CSC1V-KD 5-10 Vertical Knock-Down 70"H x 32 1/2"W x 39"D 228 lbs. $645.00
M-CSC2V-KD 10-20 Vertical Knock-Down 70"H x 65"W x 39"D 413 lbs. $1,080.00


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