Police Evidence Room Storage - DEA, Homeland Security, Police, and FBI Evidence Storage

Heavy duty Shelving USA

Police Evidence Room Storage

Police Evidence Room Storage

Heavy Duty Shelving USA's evidence room storage shelving and high density mobile file systems bring a unique and complete solution to your multiple evidence storage situations that will directly contribute to lowering your costs. With high density mobile shelving systems, you can double your evidence storage capacity and optimize your space. Improve the efficiency of your filing management system by creating new areas and raising storage space in your facility.


  • Accountability & protection of all items

  • Increases security

  • Limits access to authorized personnel only

  • Locks automatically when inactive

  • Optimizes existing storage space

  • Easy access for archives and cold cases

  • Software records all transactions of items stored in the carousel.

  • Customized trays, totes, drawers, and pans allows storage of varying sizes of items

Police Evidence Room Storage
Police Evidence Room Storage

Easy Instalation

  • Align and Insert Panel Hooks With Slots in Post ...

  • Insert Included Drive Pins Through Hook Fastener Into Post ...

  • Hammer Drive Pin for A Secure Rivet-Like Connection!

    *Machine Screws May Be Used for Temporary Applications


By adding a manual card or a biometric device to the system, access to items can be limited to authorized personnel only. Once the device allows entry, the vertical carousel door is unlocked, allowing the operator access to items inside the carousel.

From Police Departments to Forensic/Crime Labs to Correction Facilities, Wour evidence storage useful in all departments.

Unfortunately there are police evidence rooms all around the country that have property stolen or misplaced. Missing evidence has been the cause for a number of lost court cases. Our evidence storage solutions could have prevented these occurrences.

  • Evidence for Cases

    • Weapons
    • Drugs
    • Jewelry
    • Clothing
    • Firearms
  • Police issued equipment

  • Records of arrests

  • Personnel files

  • Inmate files

  • Issued uniforms

  • Lost property

  • Found/Abandon property

  • Property held pending forfeiture

  • Supplies

    • Linens & Laundry
    • Medical/Dental Supplies
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Medical records
    • Films/ Xrays
    • Tools
  • Bulk Dry Goods/ Kitchen essentials

Secure your evidence with Wire Way Husky EZ guard and EZ Wire evidence security fencing

Ideal for Law Enforcement, Fire, & Security storage, Forensic equipment and supplies, Light weapons and ammunition storage, Forensic storage, ammunition handling storage.
EZ Guard ® is constructed from the same high quality materials as our EZ Wire ® partitions. Used for evidence security fencing, Wire Security Enclosures, Property Rooms it is designed for machine guarding and as a safety barrier over mezzanines. Use EZ Guard ® to enclose one machine, a work cell, or an entire line. EZ Guard ® is framed with channel inserts and has no sharp edges. Standard and special configurations are available. Doors can be set up to interlock with your equipment. Consult the factory expert for assistance in designing your EZ Guard solution to OSHA compliance.

Sliding Wire Divider

DEA Evidence Storage

Double-Wall Construction

Caging for weapons

Sliding Wire Divider

Custom fit for any application

Secure Evidence Storage

  • Wire Partitions, Security Fencing, Storage Cages

  • ToolCribs, Industrial Wire Security Cages

  • Drug and Pharmacy Storage

  • Server and Network Security Cages

  • Colocation Cages

  • Evidence Storage Enclosure, Wire Security Enclosures, Property Rooms

  • Holding Cells

  • Woven & Welded Wire Mesh

  • Driver Cage

  • Weapons and Ammunition

Police Evidence Room Storage
Police Evidence Room Storage

EZ Wire Options

  • Doors and Windows Plus Hundreds of Available Locks. Customize An EZ Wire System to Meet Your Specific Needs

  • EZ Wire ® is the patented "no nuts and bolts" security wire partition system designed to be the most economical and secure system in the industry. The EZ Wire ® hook-fastener system makes installation up to five times faster than standard bolted systems. Secure storage is achieved through the strength of MilSpec, 10-Ga., woven wire panels and 2-1/2" steel posts. Unlike bolted partitions, the system cannot be easily defeated with common hand tools.

    Ideal for Law Enforcement, Fire, & Security storage, Forensic equipment and supplies, Light weapons and ammunition storage, Forensic storage, ammunition handling storage.

  • Available Colors

    *Other Colors Available. Contact WWH for Details.