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Pallet Rack Warehouse Shelving Quote request

This sheet is an initial contact form to primarily assist you in designing the best possible system available for your facility. Once you fill out the initial information, we may request additional information. It is important that you complete the quick questionnaire as detailed as possible. We will contact you on the same day of your request or no later than the following work day.

Note: We spend a considerable amount of time and energy designing your system quote to your specifications. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible for your best quote.

Our Guarantee
We strive to provide high quality shelving storage products at reasonable prices. As our customer when you provide us a comparable product and quote from another vendor, we will do our best to match or beat their prices.

The Wire Way Husky line of pallet rack features brands synonymous with quality in the pallet rack industry for more than 30 years. Uprights are available in both 3"x1-5/8" and 3"x3" posts with heights up to 30'. The teardrop pattern is an industry standard and accepts most teardrop style beams. Beams feature the patented Bowlock safety clip. Bowlock can not be sprung or removed without first removing the beam and requires no special tools. Standard colors are green uprights with orange beams. Call for other color options.
Contact Information  

 Business Name
 Street Address
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Zip Code
Web Site Address
When do you need this Equipment?

I Need My Quote

Pallet & Load

Approximate Specifications

H = Height    W = Width    D = Depth
DS - Distance between shelves








Same size pallet and Load?



Loading Equipment

Does the customer have a lift truck? If not, how will loads be placed up into the racks?

Lift Capacity
Turning Radius
Max lift Height


Width? (Look for obstructions and doors)
Height? (Clear)

Seismic Zone?


Shelf Loading

Please select Ledge Loading or Shelf Loading below?

Ledge Loading
Shelf Loading

Would you like wire decking?


Once we receive your initial request, we may contact you for a detailed sketch.

Number of Rows?
Number of Bays?
Number of Pallets per Bay?
Flue Space?

Once we receive your initial request, we will contact you for a detailed sketch.

Additional information

Please specify additional detailed
information that will help us create     
your custom quote.  
Thank you for requesting a Free Quote. We pride ourselves in serving our customers!


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