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Add-A-Stack Filing System
You need more filing space. You need more floor space. You know you’re going to need even more of both later. What you really need is Add-A-Stack—the modular filing system that expands as easily as adding another shelf.

Add-A-Stack’s thin profile reduces the height of each tier, allowing you to stack more tiers within reaching height. Add-AStack has been proven to cost less per filing inch than conventional filing cabinets...and has exceptional strength to carry heavy filing loads safely. With no time-consuming drawers to open and close, retrieval time is greatly reduced as well!

Add-A-Stack is available in all the most popular file sizes—letter, legal and x-ray. Optional posting shelves and literature sorters allow you to customize your filing needs.

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Literature Sorters
Optional literature sorters are perfect for filing and compartmentalizing letter and legal documents.
  Two Base Options
1" bases (does not have leveling lines) are ideally suited for mating with mobile or existing shelving, while 4" bases (has leveling lines) get your files up off the floor so mops and vacuums won’t damage them.


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