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This sheet is an initial contact form to primarily assist you in designing the best possible system available for your facility. Once you fill out the initial information, we may request additional information. It is important that you complete the quick questionnaire as detailed as possible. We will contact you on the same day of your request or no later than the following work day.

Note: We spend a considerable amount of time and energy designing your system quote to your specifications. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible for your best quote.

Our Guarantee
We strive to provide high quality shelving storage products at reasonable prices. As our customer when you provide us a comparable product and quote from another vendor, we will do our best to match or beat their prices.


      Q-Line Shelving

         Q Line Industrial Shelving is the system of choice when heavy duty steel shelves are required. These high performance shelves are available in eighteen different sizes, either 20 or 22 gauge steel, and can handle loads of up to 1,000 pounds per shelf. Shelves attach with compression clips to any of three upright styles, making assembly and reconfiguration easy.

Bulk Storage Shelving is the best choice for storing heavy, bulky items in factories or warehouses. Shelf spans of 96w x 54d are available. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and load capacities up to 10,000 pounds per upright. Two styles of beams and deck supports lets you choose between particleboard, plywood and wire decking.


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Sample A
1 Shelving Unit with 3 deck levels



In order to help us provide you with the appropriate grade shelving, please complete our request form. This information will help us price the appropriate equipment you require.

It is very helpful to know your budget. What is your budget?
(We have different products to fit your budget)
How much weight do you estimate placing on each deck level?
(This helps us determine the type of shelving you need)
Will you please describe the material you are storing?
When do you need this Equipment?

I Need My Quote?

How many deck levels do you require?
(Sample A has "3" deck levels)

How many shelving units do you require?
(Sample A is "1" shelving unit)

In the question above, how many units to you want connected together in each row?


H = Height    W = Width    D = Depth
DS - Distance between shelves


Approximate Specifications









What distance do you prefer between the shelves?


Which gauge would you like to have?


Shelving Type?

Open Closed Bin Style

 Which shelving style above are you interested in? 

Post Style?

Offset Angle Posts Standard Beaded Posts Heavy Beaded Posts

Which Post Style would you like to use in front ? 

Q Line Shelving Accessories? Please select Yes or No below if you are interested in any of the following accessories.

Hinged Door Back Panel and
Side Panel
High Density
Modular Drawer
Shelf Boxes
Bins Shelf Divider Ledge Units Ledge Unit Door

Color Selection

What color are you interested in? 

Additional information

Please specify additional detailed
information that will help us create     
your custom quote.  
Thank you for requesting a Free Quote. We pride ourselves in serving our customers!



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